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Software Development Customized to Your Project and Budget

  • Custom Websites and Online Shops.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).
  • API integration.
  • Branding and Digital Marketing.
  • Web Hosting and Business Emails.

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Whether you are a corporate representative, a small business owner who would like to create their own online shop or an entrepreneur who has an idea and would like to share it with the world, we have you covered. We can help you realizing your software ideas and make them happen simpler and easier.

Our combined engineering and marketing expertise has broadened our capabilities and offering over time. While we can build an effient secure online store, we also excel at building engineering and product selection tools. We simply combine the quality of engineering with the power of digital marketing to build an impressive user experience. Let's discuss your project Click Here.

Custom Coding vs Ready Themes

We are coders by heart!
Depending on your requirement, we can either build your website interface from scratch or we can save you money and get you started by modifying one of the many ready themes available.
In all cases, you can be sure that you will get an optimized software exactly tailored to your project.

Mobile Friendly and Mobile Apps

Most people are surfing the internet on their mobiles. We build websites to make them work on any device but we optimize them to work on mobile phone first.
If you are ready for your own mobile apps, we can make it happen for both iOS and Android.

Your Online Shop Your Way

Are you tired of selling your products on Amazon and would like to have your own online shop where you control how you get paid and the service you provide to your clients.
With more traffic to your website, having your own online shop is a great asset! We can build your secure online shop and get it hosted and maintained by us or you can have your own webhosting. In any case, you own your online shop and you choose th epayment method whether it is Paypal, Stripe or cash on delivery.

Digital Marketing and Advertisement

We can help you create your presence online not only by building your website and hosting it but we make sure that you are offered a full solution including:
  • Your business on Google Maps.
  • Social media pages (Faceboook, Instagram and LinkedIn).
  • Webhosting and business emails using your web domain.
  • We can also help on the content and advise on what you should do to make your business visible through the right channels.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your chances on web search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by:
  • Optimizing website code and loading speed.
  • Installing Google Analytics.
  • Connecting to Google Search Console.
  • Advising on content and backlinks.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

The online world is full of bots and hackers. And we take your online security seriously by:
  • All our websites are https secured.
  • We encrypt sensetive data such as passwords.
  • We offer data backups.

Content Management System

Would you like to modify the content of your website on your own? We have you covered.
We use Wordpress and other CMS paltforms to make it easier for you or your employees to upload content to your website.
Manage your own products online using Woocommerce shoping cart solution. It is secure, open-source and fully customizable and scalable.

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